Railway Sleepers

If your starting on a project, and you’re looking for a versatile product with lots of uses, look no further than railway sleepers. Railway sleepers can be used in lots of different applications, from raised beds and planters to retaining walls and water features. Railway sleepers are a great alternative from using brick or stone and look absolutely amazing, giving your garden area a rustic feel.

Not only can you use railway sleepers in the garden, but you can use them for building fireplaces, table and benches, in fact lots of furniture projects. Their rustic appearance gives your furniture a used look, with cracks, splits and imperfections adding to the natural beauty of your railway sleeper project.

Using our Oak railway sleepers in your projects, can add that look of earthy beauty. The beautiful tones of the oak railway sleeper make your project look as if it should have cost a million dollars.

Treating your project with a suitable treatment such as oil or varnish will keep your railway sleeper project in tip top condition.

If you would like more information on the supply of railway sleepers, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01564 826861 or email sales@daviestimber.co.uk