To Deck or not to Deck?

We are slowly approaching the warmest few months of the year, and a time when you want to get outside, in your garden, and spark up the BBQ. What a great time to either plan your new garden, or revitalise the old one. Bring the outside in with a garden extension to your home, creating a beautiful space to relax and entertain.

Here at Davies Timber we are one of the biggest decking suppliers in the West Midlands. Our range of decking includes, kiln dried treated timber decking, to composite decking from Evalast. Composite decking is supplied in a wide range of colours and textures, to suit the individual design. It is easily fitted, using decking clips, so no fixings are on display. The boards are placed on a pre-made timber frame with the boards running the opposite way from the joists. Composite decking not only looks amazing, but also come with a guarantee. You can purchase your composite decking boards to look like real wood, offering an appearance of natural wood, but with none of the regular maintenance required for timber decking.

Although composite decking has many pros and not many cons, it’s not for everyone. Composite decking costs a minimum of 5 times the price of traditional kiln dried timber decking, so people with lower budgets are still opting for timber decking. Timber decking can be stained to almost any colour, and with a vast array of traditional and modern colours on the market, you can be sure you get a colour to match your design.  If your worried about the decking becoming slippy over time, you can purchase an anti-slip decking paint, which can be painted on to give extra grip on the boards.

Also, here at Davies Timber, we have a wide range of accessories to compliment your decking. Fitting a handrail system around your decking area, gives a sleek professional finish. You can purchase the accessories, in different styles, from a glass system to a traditional wooden system.

So, in answer to the question in the title “to deck or not to deck?” Definitely go ahead and do it. You won’t be disappointed.