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Thermowood Channel Cladding (21mm Thick x 130mm Cover)



The improved durability of ThermoWood-D makes it an excellent material to use in the production of timber claddings and rain screens. The heat treatment process enables the use of Finnish Pine and Spruce in areas requiring a desired service life of up to 30 years without the need for a chemical preservative.


The timber used to produce ThermoWood-D is grown in our own Finnish forests which are fully certified under the Finnish Forestry Certification System and Pan European Forestry Certification. As such you can be sure ThermoWood-D is sourced from well managed and sustainable forests. The heat treatment process requires no chemical additives. The improved performance is achieved simply by the controlled application of heat and steam.


ThermoWood-D is more stable than untreated softwood. The changes that occur within the timber during heat treatment make it less able to absorb or lose moisture. This restriction of moisture movement limits any potential for swelling ,shrinkage or distortion of ThermoWood-D cladding boards.


Heat treatment removes resin from timber. As a result there is no resin leakage or‘ bleed’ through the surface coatings. The combined effect of this together with the improved stability can lead to a lower maintenance requirement.

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