Here at Davies Timber we stock over 20 species of hardwood and softwood timbers. Our extensive range of woods which are stored on site include Oak, Ash Sapele, Iroko and Beech. We have a timber/wood mill in the Birmingham bourgh of Wythall, where you can pick up everything you will need for that carpentry/Diy project, you have always wanted to start.


Our timber is stored in cool storage bays to protect the wood from moisture absorption and prevent warping and splitting.

On site we have highly trained counter sales and mill staff that have a detailed knowledge of the characteristics and properties of the hardwoods we stock and can advise on a suitable wood for your project.

The characteristics of hardwood differ from hardwood to hardwood, which will influence your project decision on which type to buy for your project.


Oak hardwoods usually have a straight and uniform grain and are a beautiful pale-yellow brown colour. It is a very durable hardwood and suitable for many applications, such as skirtings & architraves, mouldings, doors and floors. The hardwood is kiln dried so prevents cracking and splitting.


Another very popular hardwood is Iroko, know as the poor mans oak. Again, it has a straight grain with a medium to coarse texture. Its colouring is of a pale-yellow consistency and the hardwood itself is highly durable and resistant to both rot and insect attack.


Here at Davies Timber, we use iroko in many of our core products. In our machining workshop we produce a wide range of worktops and bartops, using iroko as one of the most popular materials. We select this because of its beautiful colouring, durability and strength properties. Iroko is also suitable for outdoor projects such as garden furniture and is used as a substitute for teak in these applications.


There are many advantages to using hardwood and if you look after it it will last for many many years. While costing that little bit more than softwood, you will be benefitting from a long-term investment.


When you have decided on your project, make a visit to us in Wythall Birmingham and we will give you all the help you need to create your beautiful project.