Your just about to have a beautiful wooden floor fitted and are imagining how elegant and sophisticated your room will be, when you look down and notice your old worn, paint peeling, damaged skirting board. You conclude quickly that although you will be having this chic, contemporary floor your skirting board will take the shine away from it. You decide at this point to bring the whole room together and replace that tatty old skirting board. You want the skirting board to match the rest of your house, so you go online and do some research. To your dismay, you cannot find the profile of the skirting board anywhere. Just when you’re about to give up you, find Davies Timber online in Birmingham that promises to “match my profile”, ideal you say. Davies Timber declares that it has an on-site Bespoke Timber Machining Service and has over 300 different profiles, so you can now get your skirting board pattern. You decide for that added wow factor you would like oak skirting board custom made to match the rest of your house. Davies Timber has two different options for you to choose from. They offer oak skirting board off the shelf in a torus and ogee design, but you’re looking for their custom made skirting boards. You find the exact style that matches yours on-line, it couldn’t be easier. Davies Timber offer a fast turnaround which is ideal for you as you have the floor fitter coming out in a few days. You call them up go over what you need, and order your oak custom made oak skirting board in the profile you chose from the internet it couldn’t be simpler. The friendly experienced sales staff took your order and in just three days it was delivered to your door. Efficient professional service, I hear you say. So, to re-cap if you’re looking for oak or hardwood custom made skirting board, or even any custom-made moulding and you want a reliable service that won’t let you down look no further than Davies Timber in Wythall Birmingham. If they can’t do it, no-one can