Have you ever wondered how we create our bespoke made to measure worktops? I am about to tell you the secrets of our industry. Whether you are looking  for solid oak worktops, Iroko or Ash tops, look no further than here at Davies Timber.


A solid oak worktop gives that extra bit of class and wow factor to your room. With classic charm and beautiful grains, wooden worktops are a perfect addition for revamping your old kitchen or for creating your new kitchen or study.

Here at Davies Timber we produce custom made bespoke worktops to your exact specifications, ensuring a quality service from start to finish. We have a dedicated team of worktop manufacturers, who pride themselves on the outstanding bespoke tops they create.

The process starts with the selection of the timber. From our fully stocked hardwood mill, we select the timber accordingly. To create a typical 3mtr x 600mm worktop we would usually select 4 to 5 pieces of timber to create the desired length and width. The timbers are placed together to see how they blend with each other. Timber is a natural product so no two pieces of timber are the same. This is the beauty of hardwood, with varying colour and grain differences the natural character comes through.

Once we have decided on the timber, we start the process of straightening the timber and cutting it to the correct size. We then move onto jointing the timber. We use a joint called a comb joint or Finger Joint. It is made by profiling the long edges of the timbers and interlocking them together. When the timbers have been machined with the joint profile a special D4 Polyurethane glue is placed along the long edges before the profiles are positioned and bonded together. The profiles are then locked into place to create the joint. This process is repeated for all the joints needed to create the top. Once this has been done the worktops are clamped together whilst the glue is left to cure. The clamps pull together the timber tightly, resulting in the glue being pushed out of the joint. The excess glue will be sanded off in the next stage. When the worktops are perfectly dry and stable the top will be trimmed to the desired length and width, creating perfectly square edges. The top is now ready for finishing. To do this the top is pushed through our industrial belt sander. The top will be pushed through the sander numerous times until the top is smooth and ready for finishing.

We don’t finish tops here on site, but we do stock and recommend a product called Osmo Top Oil. This product is extremely water and chemical resistant, durable and hard wearing, an ideal product to keep your worktops in tip top condition.