Faithfull 4 Piece Chisel Set

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The Faithfull Soft Grip Wood Chisels are ideal for the professional tradesman or keen DIY enthusiast. Each blade is manufactured from drop-forged chrome vanadium steel that is hardened and tempered to exacting standards to ensure that the cutting edge remains sharper for longer. The bevelled edge blade design makes these chisels ideal for cutting into tight corners and for use on fine work.

The handles have an anti-slip, soft grip coating for added user comfort and are fitted with a steel striking cap that provides added protection when used with a mallet or an occasional hammer blow.

A correctly sharpened wood chisel has a double angle profile. The blade is ground to an angle of 25° which increases to 30° at the leading edge of the blade (the cutting angle). For complete accuracy use a honing guide (FAIHG) and an oil, diamond or whetstone.

The Faithfull 4 Piece Soft Grip Chisel Set is ideal for professionals and keen DIY enthusiasts. Supplied in a canvas storage case.

Sizes: 13, 19, 25 & 32mm



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