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Code: 125935

Size 310ml

T_REX is an ultra-strong gap filling grab adhesive with extremely high initial grab (7300kg/m2) using Soudal’s fibre reinforced technology which improves strength and gap filling properties.

Sticks most common building materials including wood, plywood, plasterboard, insulation boards, breeze block, ceramics, brick, stone, tile, aluminium, metal (galvanised) steel, concrete screed, plaster, MDF, OSB, chipboard PVCu and most plastics(one surface should be porous).

Suitable for all types of bonding interior & exterior, vertical & horizontal, overhead (with support where necessary), uneven surfaces.

Application surfaces should be dry clean and free of dust. Apply to one surface in strips or dabs, including edges and corners. Press together as hard as you can or tap down with a rubber hammer. Load ideally only after 24 to 48hrs. Positioning time about 15min. Application temp -5 oc/+35 oc.

Do not use in continuous immersion applications, on damp surfaces, on polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and bitumen. One surface should be porous for normal curing rate.

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