Oak Skirting

About Davies Timber's Oak Skirting


Popular now is oak skirting board and oak architrave. Oak with its warm mid brown colour, straight grain and durable consistency is ideal for oak skirting board and architrave, making your home feel luxurious and special.

Being a timber mill with onsite facilities means a fast turnaround for our customers. Our highly skilled Customer Service Team are there to assist and advise with any questions or queries you have with your project. Once you have placed your order for your oak skirting board and architrave, our experienced machinists will select your timber and profile it to your desired pattern.

Ordering your oak skirting board and architrave couldn’t be simpler. Either come along to our store and order personally with our Customer Service Team or on our website www.daviestimber.co.uk. Online you can order oak skirting board and architrave in a torus or ogee design or if you require a specific pattern browse our range of profiles and give us a call.

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