Bespoke Mouldings

Specialist Wood Profiling Service

With various districts of Birmingham such as Harborne, Edgbaston and Moseley currently undergoing a transformation which has included new town houses popping up, it is understandable that if you’re living in one of the many beautiful Victorian houses which are dotted around the second city, you’ll want to stand out. One way to ensure this is by renovating the property back to its former period origins. This means here at Davies Timber we can recreate your pattern from your old skirting, architrave, cornice or picture rail using our state of the art spindle moulder. We can reproduce in Softwood, or one of our 20 species of hardwood. Using our specialist wood profiling service allows customers peace of mind knowing, they are going to be able to match their profile using one of our 300 cutters.

Here at Davies Timber, we have over 70 years’ experience within the timber merchant industry, and through this experience we’re able to provide you with any wooden products you require using our specialist wood profiling service.

Thanks to the experience we’ve built up throughout the years and the modern profiling machinery we use, we’re able to add the most intricate designs and patterns t your wooden products, and it does not matter whether you require

  • Architrave
  • Skirting
  • Picture Rail
  • Cornice
  • Door frames
  • Handrail

Whatever you require created, using any of the hard/softwood from our vast collection, we’ll be able to produce it. If for any reason we cannot in all likelihood no-one can- as we’re your one stop shop for all timber and wooden products.

Along with providing quality wooden products at affordable prices, here at Davies Timber we also aim to turn around every special order we receive within 48hrs (Where applicable).

Whether you require a new wooden handrail complete with delicate detailing, or new wooden window frames or door panels here at Davies Timber with our state of the art specialist wood profiling service, we can provide you with it. So if you’re looking to renovate your property back to its former glory, without using cheap alternatives, why not contact us via our online enquiry form or by calling your local number.